Egg Logo - Dare 2 Dream FArms

Since 2009 our family-owned farm has specialized in backyard chickens, handcrafted coops, free-range eggs, organic produce and special farm events. The farm was founded when we chose to leave corporate life to offer in-home care for our Grandfather. We built our dream on four farming foundations: local, natural, sustainable, and humane.

Dare 2 Dream Farms is a small, family owned and operated farm located on forty acres just west of the town of Lompoc, California. Our farm sits at the head of a canyon covered in old-growth oak trees and eucalyptus groves. Underground springs and a watershed feed the fresh water creek that flows through the land.

Our laying hens are pastured in fields of rye grass, buckwheat, flax, clover, and sunflowers so they have an abundance of raw nutrients to forage for and lots of land, trees, and shrubs to play in. Our coops are handcrafted for safe and humane backyard chicken keeping. Our garden grows pesticide and herbicide free in beautiful no till beds to provide fresh produce to local Lompoc residents. The hands that toil to keep this dream alive are cared for and treated with dignity and respect.

The primary goal of our farm is to encourage others to grow more of their own food; and we do this by teaching the art and love of urban farming. We host work-stay guests through WWOOF-USA, and host fun farm events including educational workshops, community gardening days, farm-to-table dinners, and farm tours.

Rad-Radish Logo
Dare 2 Dream Farms Rad-Radish Logo

We deliver our chickens and coops to residents of coastal California including the San Francisco Bay Area, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, the Greater Los Angeles Area, Orange County, and San Diego. Our eggs are sold to Central Coast and Southern California natural marketplaces.


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