Fill me up Buttercup

The holiday season has passed, and the sweets and grand meals cannot last all year…

That goes the same for chickens! There are differences between chicken feed and chicken “snacks and treats”.

There is a long list of things you can give to your chickens for munching and pecking. Aside from the extras, it is very important that chickens get regular chicken feed daily. Chicken feed is formulated to provide the correct amount of nutrients for healthy digestion, egg production, and immunity from illness. There are different stages of feed for different ages and this is based on what the chicken needs during different stages of development. Chicken feed is the most important part of a chickens diet.

In addition to feed, there are always kitchen scraps to give your chickens. You can give them endless kitchen scraps, as long as they  are getting their food still. The things you may want to avoid are onions and garlic, which can leach flavor into the eggs, and avocados and corn, which are too high in fat to have consumed often.

You may also give your chickens bugs that you find in your home or garden, as they are fun to catch and chase after. Weeds from the garden are also always great! There are some to avoid. Grains, such as bread, crackers, cooked rice or pasta are all great but should be fed sparingly to prevent them from over eating them. Dairy, such as yogurt, is also great for chickens digestive tracts.


Drum roll please… brrr brrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrr brup

Scratch. A chickens favorite treat, yet one to avoid over doing.. Chicken scratch, found at feed stores, is a Snickers bar for chickens. It can cause morbid obesity, and other health issues that go along with obesity, such as stroke and fatty liver disease.

Please don’t give your chickens scratch as feed. It can make their eggs unhealthy and your chickens will surely not have a very long life indulging in the cracked corn, whole grains, and seeds. USE SPARINGLY.


Written by: Kelsie Crane


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