Sunlight vs. Lamps

Hey all! So I know I mentioned using heat lamps to keep a coop warm during the winter, just for extra comfort… Well these lamps can also do wonders for your winter egg production!

Chickens who are ready to lay all year need a little encouragement sometimes, with all the cool weather and shortened hours of daylight. For chickens, even out here on the West Coast, who aren’t getting snowy conditions, chickens will still halt egg production, part if not all together. This is due to LIGHT!

When the daylight hours are 12-14 hours long, or less, chickens will not lay eggs as bountiful as they will during those long summer days. When spring equinox comes along in March, the daylight hours start to get longer than 12 hours, generally. From March until September, the daylight hours are ideal for chickens to lay eggs. (This varies depending on where you are located on the world).


From September to March, throughout the fall and winter, chickens are not very good egg layers. They become inconsistent, or can stop all together. It is a natural cycle for the chickens to stop laying throughout the winter.

There are many who would rather have eggs all year long and alter the environment to increase production during those darker months. For the coop, you can place lights from the ceiling to spread out as much area as they are able, in attempt to replicate the natural light of the outside world.


Written by: Kelsie Crane


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