There are goats grazing in our fields!

We welcomed new goats to the Dare 2 Dream Farms! Meet Sophie and Emma, our two Nubian goats, mom and kid. Since late October of 2016, we have had the pleasure of keeping these two lovely ladies, learning their personalities and enjoying a glass of milk in the mornings!


Sophie, the mother of Emma is going to be bred in just four days, in the hopes of having a litter of kids this summer! Once she gives birth, we will be milking away, next to her babies.

These two girls are very particular about what they eat and do throughout the day. They enjoy the pasture of rye, barley, and alfalfa growing just big enough to be grazed on throughout the day. Unlike you may think, goats would way rather “browse” – meaning they enjoy eating things from above. As if they were to walk up to a willow tree and pick the fresh leaves, or take down he whole branch. Because of this, they are penned into the goat manger area, with a field to walk about in.

Daily, we bring them branches and hang them from the high fence, so they are able to browse at their leisure. Goats tend to be very picky and will not eat just any old garden scraps, like the chickens do. This habit leads to some better tasting milk than if they were to eat anything just laying around.

Funny enough, goats don’t actually have front upper teeth. As you may not imagine, goats nibble at things with their row of lower teeth in the front of their mouths and use their upper lips as leverage. It looks quite odd and unusual, but it is more efficient for a goats eating habits. When breaking off branches and really gnawing on some good wood, they will use a larger set of teeth which is in the back of their mouths and are more of a molar.

Without the unusual and independent nature of these animals, gosh it just wouldn’t be this fun to farm. Their habits and routines are particular, but the milk quality is incomparable to most other kinds of milk, making for timely milk each morning, ready for cereal, coffee, or cheese making throughout the day.


Written by: Kelsie Crane


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