What To Do If a Roo Isn’t for You

White Plymouth Rock Rooster

Roosters aren’t right for every owner or every flock, but culling them isn’t the only option. If you’re looking for a humane way to get rid of a rooster and earn a few bucks, Craigslist is worth a try. Price your bird at around $10 to deter buyers who are simply looking for meat birds. If you don’t mind if you’re rooster may be slaughtered or need to get rid of a troublesome bird quickly, try offering him for sale at $5 or for free. If you are willing to part with one of your pullets, you may also have more success advertising the pair together. Craigslist may not have the best reputation, but it is free to list your rooster and has been successful for many former rooster owners, such as user, jettgirl24:

I just re-homed mine using Craigslist last week. I had my post up for about a month, starting at $10 for purebred Marans. I ended up putting the ad in the community section under ‘Pets’ as well as under ‘Farm & Garden’ and gave them to a woman for free because she was super nice and just loved them. Don’t give up hope, just keep posting and eventually you’ll find a good home.

If you have a farm supply or garden store in your area, try asking if you can post a flier in their shop or see if they would be interested in taking the rooster off your hands. It is helpful to give the rooster a name and to include a character description along with a photo of your roo looking his very best! 

Other websites where you can list your rooster for adoption include: and Depending on your area, you may have some luck contacting fellow chicken enthusiasts directly through local clubs or meet-up groups at If you don’t mind spending a bit of money to advertise your rooster, place an ad in your local paper or farm-related newsletter if one exists in your area. 

Fun Craigslist Rooster Ad Photo
Taking Notes? Cool photos like this earn big points with animal lovers looking for a new roo

Poultry swaps or shows in your local area are another avenue to investigate. The majority of these events take place in the summer, but occur at limited dates year-round. The American Poultry Association, Poultry Show Central, and the Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers all post listings of upcoming shows. 

Rooster rescue organizations exist throughout the state of California for the sole purpose of re-homing unwanted roos. If you are unable to find a new home for your rooster on your own, consider giving him to a rooster rescue. If a placement fee is not required, consider giving a donation to help support the organization as many of these groups are independently run. Below is a list of rescue organizations by region: 


Farm Sanctuary, Acton, CA
5200 Escondido Canyon Road

Blue Hill Farms, Ventura, CA


Save the Cocks, Templeton, CA 
Phone: 805-226-6567


Farm Sanctuary, Orland, CA 
19080 Newville Road
Phone: 530-519-0183

Horse Plus Humane Society, Oroville, CA
Phone: 530-282-5565 (Sun-Thurs noon-5pm

Animal Place, Grass Valley, CA
17314 McCourtney Rd
Phone: 530-477-1757

Concord Feed, Concord, CA
5288 Clayton Rd.
Phone: 925-887-9200


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